Cute Valentine Gnome Cards to Print at Home {2 Styles}

Discover the charm of printable gnome Valentine’s Day cards. They’re the cutest way to express your affection this Valentine’s Day.

I made 2 styles for you: one in color and the other in a black-and-white coloring book styles. Perfect for kids and adults alike, our gnome-themed printable Valentine’s cards are lovely gifts and a fun activity too.

A presentation of eight Valentine's Day cards ready for printing, with four in black and white for coloring and four in full color. The cards display cute gnomes and playful puns such as 'With love' and 'Love you gnome matter what', set against a pink backdrop, showcasing both the colored and colorable options.

Easy to download, just look for the button below the one you want ❤️.

Black and White Gnome Valentine Coloring Pages

Indulge in the joy of creativity with our Black and White Gnome Valentine Coloring Pages. These coloring book-style cards are perfect for those who love to add a personal touch. They are waiting to be brought to life with color. They’re a great way to engage in a heartfelt activity, whether you’re young or simply young at heart

A collection of eight Valentine's Day cards ready for coloring, featuring charming gnome characters in various poses, with playful puns like 'Love you gnome matter what' and 'There's gnome one like you', surrounded by hearts and Valentine's greetings, all outlined in black and white for creative personalization.

Colorful Gnome Valentine Cards

Brighten up your Valentine’s Day with our Colorful Gnome Valentine Cards. These ready-to-go, vibrant cards feature adorable gnomes and sweet Valentine’s messages, making them the perfect choice for a quick yet heartfelt gesture of love. Ideal for sharing with friends, family, and that special someone.

A set of eight Valentine's Day cards, each brightly colored and adorned with a cheerful gnome character in festive attire. The gnomes are accompanied by affectionate puns such as 'Love you lots' and 'Love you gnome matter what', with hearts and messages of love, all presented in a warm, inviting color palette.

Tips for printing and cutting your cards:

Use Quality Paper:
Opt for heavy cardstock for a sturdy, professional feel.

Check Printer Settings: Ensure your printer is set to the highest quality for vibrant colors.

Align Properly: Make sure your print settings are aligned correctly to avoid cut-off designs.

Test Print: Do a test print on regular paper to ensure everything looks right before using cardstock.

Use a Sharp Blade: When cutting the cards, use a sharp pair of scissors or a craft knife for clean edges.

Cut Inside the Line: If there’s a border, cut just inside of it to ensure a clean, professional look.

Keep it Steady: Use a ruler as a guide when cutting with a craft knife to maintain straight edges.Print Extras: Print a few extra cards in case of mistakes or last-minute additions.

Personalize Before Cutting: If you plan to add names or messages, do it before cutting out the cards for easier handling.

More resources:

An array of eight printable Valentine's Day cards laid out on a pink background, each featuring a jolly gnome character in full color with heart motifs and affectionate messages like 'Love you lots' and 'There's gnome one like you', ready for cutting and giving.

For more inspiration and ideas to make your Valentine’s Day truly special, explore these.

Whether you choose to color them with your own artistic flair or print the pre-colored versions for a quick and lovely gesture, they’re sure to spread joy and affection.

Cute Valentine Gnome Cards  to Print at Home {2 Styles}

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