7 Cute Valentine Gnome Coloring Pages to Print for Endless Fun

Get ready for a heartwarming activity with these printable Valentine gnome coloring pages. Perfect for kids, these charming designs bring a touch of whimsy to Valentine’s Day. We have seven free gnome coloring pages for Valentine’s Day. Each features magical gnomes or festive scenes.

These pages are ideal for little artists. They are fun and a great way to develop fine motor skills and artistic expression. Grab your crayons! Let your child’s imagination soar with these cute, fun coloring pages.

An assortment of six printable gnome coloring pages arranged against a pink backdrop. Each page features Valentine's Day motifs, such as gnomes with heart-adorned attire, festive greetings, and a gnome village, all outlined for coloring.

These designs are engaging and easy to color. They’ll keep your little ones entertained and engaged during the most love-filled holiday of all.

Hearty Gnome Adventure

Color this whimsical scene featuring a gnome. It’s dotted with heart-shaped mushrooms and pine trees. It’s perfect for sparking creativity in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

A coloring page featuring a gnome with a tall, striped hat, standing next to a heart-decorated mushroom and a pine tree, with hearts floating in the background."

Valentine’s Day Greeting

This charming page showcases a cheerful gnome delivering a heartfelt Valentine message. It’s an adorable way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a personal touch.

Coloring page of a gnome wearing a heart-patterned hat, waving and holding an envelope with the message 'Happy Valentine's Day' surrounded by a heart-shaped border.

Gnomes’ Valentine Village

Invite kids to immerse themselves in a fantasy Valentine village. Love-infused gnome homes and a cobblestone path are ready to bring life to a spectrum of colors.

A quaint coloring scene with two gnome houses covered in hearts, set beside a stone path with hearts scattered across the sky.

Hearts Galore

A trio of hearts await your child’s artistic flair. Each has a unique pattern and is framed by rustic twigs. It’s an ideal canvas for experimenting with different shades and hues.

Three different hearts, each with distinctive patterns, strung up by twigs, creating a vertical display of affection on a coloring page

Bashful Gnome Love

This bashful gnome is surrounded by a heart-filled border. It exudes the sweetness of Valentine’s Day. Children can express their love through color on this lovely page.

A shy gnome encased within a frame of connected hearts, with its hat drooping over its eyes, on a Valentine's Day coloring page.

Gnome of Hearts

A gnome stands tall in a field of hearts on his hat and gown. He is next to a blossoming heart-flower. This evokes the blossoming emotions of the season.

A coloring illustration of a gnome with a pointed hat and dress covered in hearts, standing beside a heart-shaped topiary.

Sweetheart Gnome Wishes

This page features a gnome holding a delicious cupcake. Hearts and whimsical vines surround it, symbolizing the sweetness of Valentine’s Day affections.

A Valentine's Day coloring page depicting a gnome holding a cupcake within a heart, with 'I Love You' written above and vine borders around the edges.

Coloring tips

There’s no wrong way to color! But here are some tips for a fun afternoon.

  • Select the Right Paper: While regular printer paper works, consider using a slightly thicker paper if the kids want to use markers, to prevent bleeding through.
  • Print Preview: Always do a print preview to ensure the page fits well on the paper and is oriented correctly.
  • Economize Ink: If your printer has an ‘economy’ or ‘draft’ ink setting, use it to save ink, especially if the pages are just for casual fun.
  • Crayons, Markers, or Pencils: Have a variety of coloring tools on hand, like crayons for filling large areas, colored pencils for details, and washable markers for bright colors.
  • Flat Surface: Color on a flat, hard surface for even pressure and to avoid creases.
  • Encourage Creativity: Let kids know it’s okay to color outside the lines and to use any colors they like—it’s all about having fun and being creative!
  • Easy Cutting: If cutting out the pages, use safety scissors and supervise younger children.
  • Share the Fun: Print multiple copies so children can try different color schemes or share the coloring activity with friends and family.
  • Display Artwork: Plan a place to display the finished coloring pages, like on the fridge or a bulletin board, to celebrate the child’s work.

More Coloring Pages:

There’s nothing like a brand-new coloring sheet to perk up the day with littles. Here are some more you’ll all love.

A collage of six Valentine's Day gnome coloring pages displayed on a pink background. The pages include images of gnomes with heart-themed hats and decorations, Valentine's messages, and whimsical nature elements like mushrooms and flowers.
  • Cow Coloring Pages with designs for kids and adults
  • Chicken Coloring Sheets
  • Printable Bunny Coloring Pages

I hope they add an extra sprinkle of love and creativity to your little one’s Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a quiet afternoon activity or a playful gathering with friends, I hope these sheets make your holiday fun and cheerful.

7 Cute Valentine Gnome Coloring Pages to Print for Endless Fun

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