Discover how to transform fresh apples into delicious, shelf-stable apple juice you can enjoy any time of the year

Canning Apple Juice: A Year-Round Treasure

Start with 12-15 pounds of apples to yield about 4 quarts of pure apple juice. Don't forget your canning jars, a large pot, and a little citric or ascorbic acid to keep the juice's vibrant color.

What You'll Need

Wash and quarter your apples, leaving the peel on. A good rinse removes dirt, ensuring your juice is as fresh and natural as possible.

Preparation Is Key

Simmer apple quarters with a bit of water until they're mushy. This process extracts all the juicy goodness from the apples.

Cooking Down The Apples

Use a fine mesh or cheesecloth to strain your juice. For crystal-clear juice, patience is your friend—let it drip slowly.

Strain for Purity

Fill sterilized jars with the strained juice, leaving some space at the top. Add a pinch of acid to preserve the color and taste.

Bottling Up Nature

Process your jars in a boiling water bath to seal in freshness and extend shelf life. This step is crucial for safety and preservation.

The Water Bath Canner

Let jars cool on a rack before checking seals. Store in a cool, dark place to keep the juice tasting fresh for up to a year.

Cooling & Storing

Opening a jar of your homemade apple juice brings back the essence of autumn. Enjoy it with family as you reminisce about apple-picking adventures

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