3 Gorgeous Printable Old-Fashioned Valentines to Charm Your Loved Ones


Bring a touch of timeless romance to this Valentine’s Day. These printable old-fashioned Valentines are perfect for anyone who loves vintage charm. These antique-style cards are easy to print at home and offer a personal touch.

Step back in time this Valentine’s Day with one of these beautiful old-world cards.

four vintage looking valentines cut and printed on lacy and floral surface.

Floral Hearts Collection

This sheet of valentines features heart shapes adorned with delicate floral patterns. Perfect for those who appreciate a gentle, botanical aesthetic to express their affection.

green and white floral heart designs on valentines.

Victorian Elegance Valentines

Embrace the sophistication of the Victorian era with these valentines. They showcase ornate floral borders and soft, pastel hues. Ideal for lovers of classic elegance and intricate design details.

image of PDF of vintage valentine cards.

Garden Whimsy Set

These cards feature lively greenery and pops of red florals, forming a vibrant heart centerpiece. They’re a cheerful way to show your love.

image of PDF of printable valentines

Tips for printing and cutting cards

Get the most out of your printable old-fashioned valentines with these easy-to-follow tips. Ensure every card looks as charming as it can with aperfect print and cut.

  • Choose the Right Paper: Opt for a heavyweight cardstock for a sturdy, high-quality feel.
  • Check Your Printer Settings: Select the ‘High’ quality setting on your printer for the best color and clarity.
  • Test Print First: Always do a test print on regular paper to make sure your design prints correctly.
  • Use a Paper Cutter: For straight, clean cuts, use a paper cutter instead of scissors.
  • Score Before Folding: If your design requires folding, use a bone folder or the dull edge of a knife to score the fold line first for a crisp edge.
  • Double-Sided Printing Tips: If your valentines are double-sided, ensure your printer is set to flip on the long edge for proper alignment.
  • Align Your Paper: Make sure your cardstock is properly aligned in the printer tray to avoid crooked prints.

By following these tips, your printable old-fashioned valentines will look professional 💕.

More Pretty Things and Printables for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for making things at home. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

I hope you enjoy your cards and have fun printing them and sharing them ith someone special.

3 Gorgeous Printable Old-Fashioned Valentines to Charm Your Loved Ones

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