Free Printable Canning Labels

These charming labels will make your canned goods look as great as they taste, helping you keep track of freshness and details.

No email, no fuss. Just download and go.

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2 pages of printable canning labels

how to print

These labels use Avery label templates. If you use the right labels, there’s no need to cut. However, I often find it easier to print on full-sheet sticker paper and cut. The choice is yours.

  1. Open the PDF file in a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Check your printer settings and ensure it is set to print at “Actual size” or “100%” scale to maintain the correct label dimensions.
  3. After printing, if you used full sheet sticker paper, carefully cut out each label along the provided guidelines using scissors or a craft knife for a precise finish.

2-inch round labels

round labels for standard sized mason jars
Compatible with Avery Print to the Edge 22205, 22612, 22817, 22825, 22877, 22921, 22923, 22933, 22961, 41464, 41494, 5907, 64502, 80510, 92807, Presta 36495, Presta 36496, Presta 36497, Presta 36498, Presta 94501

wide mouth mason jar canning lids

2.5 wide round label for wide mouth mason jars
Compatible with Avery 22562, 22856, 22926, 22963, 27953, 41462, 41493, 72830

rectangular labels

rectangular sheet of printable labels.
Compatible with 22890, 5906, Presta 36460, Presta 36461

strawberry jam

round and rectangular labels for strawberry jam

pickled jalapenos

round and rectangular labels for jalepenos

relish labels

relish printable canning labels.
Free Printable Canning Labels

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