Discover the richness of sourdough in a chocolate cake like no other. No sourdough taste, just chocolatey perfection.

The Secret Ingredient

All you need are pantry ingredients and a bowl. Say goodbye to fancy equipment and hello to easy, moist cake making.

Simple and Delicious

Combine dry and wet ingredients, then add boiling water for a smooth batter. No stand mixer required, just a spoon.

Effortless Mixing

Pour into a pan, bake until just right, and cool. Each step is simple, ensuring a foolproof path to cake heaven.

Bake to Perfection

Melted butter and cocoa create a frosting so creamy and rich, it's the perfect crown for your chocolate masterpiece.

Frosting Like a Dream

From a single pan to cupcakes or a loaf, this recipe adapts. Even make it vegan with easy substitutes!

Versatility at Its Best

Enjoy fresh, store in the fridge, or freeze for later. This sourdough chocolate cake keeps giving, slice by slice.

 Savor and Store