Embrace the change of season with open windows and fresh air. Let the sunlight flood your home.

Welcome Spring

Incorporate white and cream decor for a cheerful vibe. Sheer curtains, fresh pillowcases, and light-colored rugs.

Light and Bright

Nothing says spring like new growth. Start seeds indoors or add potted herbs to your windowsill to bring life into your home.

Spring Growth

Switch to springtime fragrances with candles or room sprays. Lavender, lemon, and lilac can make your home smell like a fresh garden

Scents of Spring

Light floral quilts or vintage-style botanicals can make your space feel instantly spring-ready.

Floral Accents

Move furniture around to focus on the outdoors.

Rearrange and Refresh

Collect recipes that make the most of seasonal produce like strawberries and spinach for a taste of freshness.

Seasonal Recipes

Embrace the warmer weather by line-drying your laundry. It's not only eco-friendly but gives your clothes a sun-kissed freshness

Outdoor Laundry

Say goodbye to winter clutter. A clean and organized home sets the stage for a beautiful spring

Declutter and Clean

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Grandma Style Spring

Blueberry Lavender Lemonade