Strawberry Syrup for Canning

This strawberry syrup is a sweet and delicious recipe, perfect for topping your pancakes or mixing into drinks. Versatile, simple to make, and beautiful on your pantry shelf, this is a great choice for canning beginners.

I’ll walk you through how to make it, step by step.

A jar of homemade strawberry syrup with a metal spoon inside, fresh strawberries and sealed jars in the background on a white surface.

Strawberry Syrup + Canning Instructions

Sweet, bright, and beautiful. This syrup is perfect on pancakes or waffles.



  • 4 cups fresh strawberries hulled and halved
  • 4 cups granulated sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice


  • Prepare canning jars. Heat the jars in the dishwasher, oven, or in hot water. Sterilize lids, and bands by boiling them in a large pot for at least 10 minutes.
    waterbath canner filled with water and empty jars.
  • Boil the strawberries and water. Hull and halve the strawberries. In a large saucepan, combine the strawberries and water. Cook over medium-high heat until the strawberries are soft, about 10 minutes. Mash the strawberries and cook 5 minutes more.
  • Strain the mixture. Use a fine mesh sieve to strain the strawberry liquid into a bowl, pressing gently on the solids. Discard the solids.
    metal strainer over bowl, strawberry pulp inside.
  • Return the liquid to the saucepan and simmer. Add the sugar and lemon juice to the strained liquid. Heat the mixture over medium heat, stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved. Once the sugar is dissolved, bring the syrup to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes.
    A top-down view of a saucepan on a marble surface, containing a wooden spoon and cooking strawberry syrup.
  • Fill jars with syrup. Use a ladle and canning funnel to fill the jars with the hot syrup, leaving 1/4 inch headspace.
    The process of pouring strawberry syrup into a jar through a funnel, with two jars filled with syrup on the side.
  • Wipe jar rims and apply lids. Wipe the rims of the jars with a clean cloth, place the lids on the jars, and screw the bands down until fingertip-tight.
    : Jars of strawberry syrup being wiped clean with a cloth before sealing, showcasing the final steps before canning.
  • Process in a water bath. Place the jars in the canning pot and cover them with water. Boil for 10 minutes.
    The canning process displayed with jars submerged in a water bath canner and one being lifted out using a jar lifter.
  • Cool and check seals. Remove jars from water and let cool for 24 hours. Check the seals before storing.
    finished jars cooling on counter.


Use ripe, fresh strawberries for the best flavor.
Ensure all the sugar is dissolved before boiling to prevent crystallization.
Strain the mixture thoroughly to achieve a smooth syrup. 

You’ll love drizzling this bright and beautiful strawberry syrup over your morning pancakes as an alternative to maple syrup. Or stir it into your favorite cocktail, adding a touch of summer sweetness to any time of year.

How to use Strawberry Syrup

Pancakes and Waffles: Drizzle the syrup over fluffy pancakes or crispy waffles for a classic breakfast treat.

Yogurt and Oatmeal: Swirl it into Greek yogurt or mix into your morning oatmeal for a fruity twist.

Ice Cream and Desserts: Top vanilla ice cream, cheesecake, or pound cake with the syrup for a delightful dessert.

pancakes with whipped cream, fresh berries, and strawberry syrup.

Cocktails and Mocktails: Use it as a natural sweetener in cocktails and mocktails, adding a burst of strawberry flavor.

Fruit Salads: Toss it with a mix of fresh fruits for a simple, refreshing fruit salad.

Smoothies and Milkshakes: Blend it into smoothies or milkshakes for extra sweetness and flavor.

Toast and Croissants: Spread it on toast, croissants, or scones as a fruity alternative to jam.

Salad Dressings: Whisk it into vinaigrettes for a sweet and tangy salad dressing.

🥣 Important Tools and Ingredients

  • Fresh strawberries. The produce section contains fresh strawberries. They are crucial for their natural sweetness and vibrant color. Opt for ripe, aromatic berries for the best flavor.
  • Granulated sugar. Granulated sugar is a staple in the baking aisle. It is key for the syrup’s sweetness and helps preserve it.
  • Lemon juice. You can find lemon juice in the produce or juice aisle. It adds a necessary acidic balance to the syrup, but more importantly, makes it acidic enough to can.

These ingredients, easily found in any kitchen or local grocery store, are all you need. While they’re accessible year-round, the recipe truly shines in the late spring when strawberries are at their peak.

strawberries, water, sugar, and lemon juice on counter.

  • Saucepan: Essential for simmering ingredients, it blends flavors and achieves the right syrup consistency.
  • Wooden Spoon: Necessary for even cooking and preventing sticking, ensuring the syrup cooks properly.
  • Fine Mesh Strainer: Strains out fruit solids for a smooth syrup texture.
  • Canning Jars: Used for storage, they provide an airtight seal to keep the syrup fresh.
  • Water Bath Canner: Important for safe canning, ensuring the syrup is shelf-stable.
  • Jar Lifter: Safely removes hot jars from the canner, keeping them sterile.
  • Funnel: Helps pour syrup into jars neatly, avoiding spills.
  • Ladle: Useful for controlled pouring of syrup into jars, making the canning process cleaner.

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If you can already regularly, you probably have all these on hand.

✨ Tips for the Best Strawberry Syrup

Here are some tips to make sure you get consistently great results.:

Berry Selection: For the richest flavor, choose strawberries that are fully ripe and fragrant. If you’re picking them yourself, go for berries that are bright red all the way to the top — they’re the sweetest!

Sugar Adjustments: Depending on the natural sweetness of your strawberries, you might need to adjust the amount of sugar. Start with less sugar than the recipe calls for and taste as you go. You can always add more, but you can’t take it out.

Consistency Check: Before canning, test the syrup’s consistency. Place a small amount on a cold plate; if it thickens to your liking as it cools, it’s ready. If it’s too thin, simmer a bit longer.

Sterilize Everything: Make sure all your canning tools and jars are thoroughly sterilized. This prevents contamination and ensures the syrup’s longevity.

Leave Head Space in Jars: When filling your jars, leave about a half-inch of space at the top. This allows for expansion during the canning process and ensures a good seal.

Water Bath Timing: Follow recommended water bath times carefully. Over or under-processing can affect the syrup’s preservation and quality.

Cooling Jars: After canning, let the jars cool undisturbed for 12-24 hours. Moving them too soon can disrupt the sealing process.

Storage Check: Before storing, press the center of each jar’s lid. If it pops back, it hasn’t sealed properly and should be refrigerated and used first.

Can I use frozen strawberries instead of fresh ones?

Yes, you can use frozen strawberries. They work well when fresh strawberries aren’t in season. There’s no need to thaw them before use; just adjust the cooking time slightly as the mixture may take longer to come to a simmer.

How long does homemade strawberry syrup last?

When properly canned and sealed, homemade strawberry syrup can last up to a year in the pantry. Once opened, it should be refrigerated and used within a month. If frozen, it can last up to six months.

Is it possible to make this syrup sugar-free or with a sugar substitute?

Yes, you can make strawberry syrup with a sugar substitute. However, keep in mind that sugar not only sweetens the syrup but also helps in its preservation. If you use a sugar alternative, refrigerate it.

What if my syrup is too thin? How can I thicken it?

If your syrup is too thin, continue to simmer it for a little longer, allowing more water to evaporate. Remember to stir frequently to prevent burning. The syrup will also thicken slightly as it cools.

🥫 Storage and Make-Ahead Instructions

If you aren’t comfortable canning, there are other ways to store this.

Storing in the Pantry:

  • Ensure a Proper Seal: After the water bath canning process, check that each jar has sealed correctly. The lid should not flex up and down when the center is pressed.
  • Cool Down: Let the jars cool undisturbed for 12-24 hours. Do not tighten the bands during this period.
  • Label and Date: Mark each jar with the date of canning. This helps keep track of the shelf life.
  • Ideal Conditions: Store the sealed jars in a cool, dark place like a pantry or a cupboard. Avoid direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • Shelf Life: Properly canned and sealed strawberry syrup can last up to a year in the pantry. Always check for signs of spoilage like mold, off-smells, or lid bulging before use.

Refrigerating After Opening:

  • Once opened, refrigerate the syrup. It should be used within a month for the best quality and flavor.

Freezing Instructions:

  • Freezer-Safe Containers: If you plan to freeze the syrup, use freezer-safe containers or jars. Leave about an inch of headspace at the top to allow for expansion as the syrup freezes.
  • Thawing: When ready to use, thaw the syrup in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Shelf Life: Frozen strawberry syrup can last up to six months. Note that freezing may slightly change the texture, but it will still be delicious.

By following these storage instructions, you can enjoy your homemade strawberry syrup for many months, either from your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer.

More Ways to Preserve Strawberries

Is it strawberry season for you? It’s the best time of year. Here are more ways to preserve your berry harvest.

Oven-dried strawberries are easy to make and taste like candy.

Classic strawberry preserves have bigger pieces of fruit.

Pickled strawberries don’t require any canning, they’re stored right in the fridge.

I hope you love this sweet, fruity homemade syrup. It’s simple to make and easy to love.

A wide shot of homemade strawberry syrup in mason jars surrounded by fresh strawberries on a white marble background.
Strawberry Syrup for Canning

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