Queen Anne Pink Bedroom

This post is a short tour of my older girls bedroom. I just painted it Queen Anne Pink and rearranged things.

Isn’t this a beautiful name for a color?  As soon as I heard the words Queen Anne Pink, I had to have it for my girls bedroom.  

The actual color, a warm and soft coral pink, was just a bonus. It’s a Benjamin Moore historical collection color. They always have a touch of black to keep the color from looking too crazy.

Vignettes vs. Attractive Utility

When did we all start doing this?

This trend is weird, right? Arranging groups of things in our houses that are supposed to look homey and natural and yet they can’t be touched?

The word vignette, of course, is a literary term that basically means to show a glimpse of something, to take a little snippet of a piece of writing in order to show the whole picture.

Cleaning Fireplace Glass

It’s been a while since you cleaned your fireplace glass, and it’s looking a little bit grungy. No worries, it just takes a few minutes to make it sparkle again.

split image of dirty glass and clean glass

There are a variety of ways to clean your fireplace glass, but using ash is the easiest and most natural way.

How to clean your fireplace glass without chemicals

1. Take a damp paper towel or newspaper and dip in leftover ashes

paper towel covered in ash

To dip in ashes, take a damp paper towel or newspaper and dip it into the leftover ashes. Wait for the ashes to cool (before dipping your paper towel in!)

2. Wipe the glass in a circular motion to remove soot and darkness

Wipe the glass in a circular motion to loosen the caked-on soot. Wipe repeatedly until it is completely free of ash and soot. This should be done over a large surface area, as well as smaller details that have built up with ash/soot.

You may need to use extra ash or water to clean any darkened corners.

3. Finish off with a damp paper towel to remove the sooty paste

Finish off with a damp paper towel to remove the sooty paste finish off by polishing it with a wet paper towel. You will be amazed by how dirty the paper towel is; it’s removing all that buildup!

4. Polish with a dry paper towel

Polish with a dry paper towel until the doors are streak-free and shiny. Don’ skip this step; it really makes the glass shine!

Don’t want to use so many paper towels? Newspaper works well too!

Prefer a commercial fireplace glass cleaner?

👉🏻 There’s only one I recommend: Rutland Conditioning Glass Cleaner. The ashes work just as well but are much messier.

For more cleaning on the homestead

If you’re looking for an easy and chemical-free way to clean your fireplace glass, try using ash. It’s free, works well, and is all-natural.