Frugality and Consumerism Are Not Opposites

If I have any readers with any actual knowledge of economics, please feel free to correct me on anything here.

There are *certain people* in my extended family who love to give financial advice. It basically is to live as cheaply as possible, save every penny, and invest it. Eventually, you will be rich, if you are still alive, and then you’ll be happy. Because buying things doesn’t make you happy. Only having a lot of money that you don’t spend makes you happy.

Queen Anne Pink Bedroom

This post is a short tour of my older girls bedroom. I just painted it Queen Anne Pink and rearranged things.

Isn’t this a beautiful name for a color?  As soon as I heard the words Queen Anne Pink, I had to have it for my girls bedroom.  

The actual color, a warm and soft coral pink, was just a bonus. It’s a Benjamin Moore historical collection color. They always have a touch of black to keep the color from looking too crazy.

Vignettes vs. Attractive Utility

When did we all start doing this?

This trend is weird, right? Arranging groups of things in our houses that are supposed to look homey and natural and yet they can’t be touched?

The word vignette, of course, is a literary term that basically means to show a glimpse of something, to take a little snippet of a piece of writing in order to show the whole picture.

A Realistic Grocery Budget for a Family of Five

When I first started staying home, I was given an “allowance” of $80 per week to use on groceries, and I was able to keep the rest.  This was easier than it sounds, because most of our shopping was done at Costco, which did not come out of the allowance. We went as a family to Costco almost every week, got our meat, produce, and and dairy products. The allowance was used on little stuff needed throughout the week.

It worked when we were a family of two plus nursing baby. I was able to keep within the budget and have a little spending money to keep. I spent all my extra money going to Panera and Chipotle. Those were the days.

Staging Home or Making Home

Do you like going to model homes even if you aren’t in the market for a house? I do, and if I am ever on an errand alone I slip into one if it’s nearby.  (There is always one nearby in our area.)  I don’t really enjoy the architecture of most of them, but I do like the decor sometimes. What I really find interesting is the staging.