Yeast Bread Recipes and Tips: All the Best in One Place

Searching for all the best yeast bread recipes? You’ve come to the right place! Here are all our favorites gathered up together. Whether you’re new to baking or have been doing it for years, this list has something for everyone.

When you’re trying to build a from-scratch life, bread baking is a great place to start ❤️.

grid of 6 homemade breads.

Browse through, save your favorites, and come back often. I’ll update this pages every time I share a new recipe.

Sandwich breads

Discover a variety of perfect slices for your favorite fillings. These sandwich bread recipes guarantee soft, tasty loaves that elevate any lunchtime creation.

grid of 3 homemade sandwich breads

sweet and fruity bread

Indulge in breads that satisfy your sweet tooth. From berries to citrus delights, these recipes will have you craving for a slice or two for breakfast or dessert.

grid of 3 breads with raisins and fruit

Rolls and buns

Warm, fluffy, and utterly irresistible! You’ll love these recipes, whether you’re setting a dinner table or enjoying a Sunday brunch.

grid of 3 homemade sandwich rolls

Free form loaves

Embrace the charm of artisan baking. These rustic loaves have a delightful crust and hearty crumb, perfect for soups, salads, or on their own.

grid of baguettes and rustic loaves

No-knead breads

Want delicious bread with minimal effort? Dive into these no-knead recipes that simplify the process but deliver on flavor and texture.

3 styles of no knead bread

Tips and more

New to baking or just looking for some expert tips? This section provides guidance and insights to help you achieve bread perfection every time.

You’ll need the basics: measuring cups, mixing bowls, etc. Beyond that, there are workarounds for everything. I like to have a stand mixer for easier kneading and a thermometer to make sure the inside of your loaves are done.

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More resources:

  • My YouTube channel has many bread-baking videos that show how to shape loaves and rolls if you need a little help
  • Interested in sourdough? That’s a whole topic of its own. Learn more about sourdough baking here.

Baking bread is like a little adventure in your kitchen. From sandwich breads to sweet treats, I hope these recipes inspire you to try something new. Remember, it’s all about having fun and enjoying the tasty results. So grab some flour, yeast, and let’s get baking! Thanks for joining me on this bread-making journey.

Yeast Bread Recipes and Tips: All the Best in One Place
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  1. Thank you Katie for your continuous help and encouragement with recipes and how to have a wonderful home! I have truly enjoyed making your sourdough bread. I’m excited to try a new one. My husband George is so excited about our homemade bread with our homemade jam on top which is your recipe too. Thank you So much. Cheryl Frey